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Valid Till: 2024-04-02

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 AIIMS, PGI and JIPMER are clubbed into ONE SINGLE EXAM - INI CET 

This 9 month course would set your preparation to the highest level to grab the best seats in AIIMS, PGI and JIPMER,  without stressing out too much.

AIIMS pattern questions, PGI Journal based questions and theoetical concepts required for JIPMER would all be covered in this crash course. It includes the CRASH COURSE for NEET MDS Dec 2020 too..

The Best Online Test Series in the country contains a lot of features to keep you all updated and make WINNERS out of you all ...

Microteaching Lectures CONCEPT- TEACHING of tough and important topics are done in a very easy manner. An approach where actual instructional content is formatted for online and mobile learning using a constructivist approach. More than 200 total subject wise micro lectures by expert faculty in the respective subject/s with emphasis on conceptual framework, illustrations and memory recall techniques. They provide a microcosm of the entire topic in a concise manner which provides update and insights into pertinent topics. Empower yourself with the help of micro-lectures!!!!!

LIVE EXAMS - Participate in India's Largest Live Exam Portal to compete with the best and keep sharpening your skills!!!! A real time simulation of the exam atmosphere and ambience to enhance preparedness and time management skills which give you an extra edge in exam preparation. Weekly and Monthly live online exams on predefined portions with software on the lines on NEET MDS exam to judge your position among Cedees classroom, satellite and online students. With our online course on your side, learn and practice exams with answers and explanation provided to boost your self-confidence

TEST PAPERS - Subject-wise and Topic wise arranged MCQS to understand the depth of the subject and give you all the info in a simple manner... contaons more than 20,000 mcqs....

DAILY BOOSTERS - Consists of ten new questions daily along with their answers to refresh your subject knowledge. An easy and simple way of self-assessment to keep you on track with the vast and exhaustive syllabus. It’s time to take you daily dose of boosters!

AIIMS, PGI and NEET mocks conducted to keep the students abreast with the testing pattern, practice the methodical approach required in the entrance exams. this will ensure the students are prepared for the REAL challenge in a virtual setup. Take up our mocks and see for yourself!

NUMERICAL TESTS – Separate tests only focussed on numericals which will give you the required practice to crack them with easy tricks and expertise. 

PICTURE BASED TESTS: Access to thousands of picture-based questions based on AIIMS and NEET pattern which are increasingly being asked in the exams. Image based questions with descriptions ensure complete understanding of the concepts behind. 

PERSONALIZED REPORTS – Individual personalized reports with details of candidate rank, score, explanations and comparison with toppers scores. This form of evaluative assessment will provide you the much needed impetus to improvise your core areas. 

KEY FACTS: access to comprehensive standard quality learning material for studying on the go. Short pointwise study material will be provided in the app for all subjects for quick revision. The essentials of every topic with key points ensures coverage of subject comprehensively. 

BOOKMARKS - Keep a personal directory of new and important questions at your disposal for review and evaluation. 

NOTIFICATIONS – Be on your toes with regular important study tips regarding revised updates about the ever changing scope of curriculum. 

Course is Valid from Oct 15th 2020 to July 1st 2021.

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