1. Can I solve a paper more than once?

You can solve most of the tests any number of times (If otherwise, it will be indicated near the test). Also, you can always revise the MCQs & explanations from the review page. When you come across an MCQ which you might want to read again, save it using the Bookmarks option.

2. How to use bookmarks

Bookmarks is a brilliant way to organize MCQs for revision. You can bookmark MCQs using the bookmark button and later access them from the bookmarks section for revision.

3. Where is the schedule

The complete schedule of test series with date and time can be found in the Tests section in the app.

4. Where are the solutions for the test?

Tap on the Test and scroll down to the test that you have submitted.
Tap on the test - if the results are published you will get to see your rank and score here.
Tap on the Review button to see the answers and explanations.

5. Can I take the tests on laptop?

BDS NExT app is accessible using phone and tabs only. Only for live tests, website access is opened 5 minutes before exam.

6. Can I take a test after results are announced?

Yes, you can take a test even after the results are announced. In this case, you will not receive an accurate rank. However, it is recommended to take a test when it is Live to get a more accurate rank.

7. Can a printout be taken?

We do not provide any printed material due to piracy issues. The complete course is available in the BDS NExT app, and you can access it anytime from anywhere till the duration of your course.

8. Can I take Screenshot of important things

CEDEES has a strict screenshot policy. Your account will be temporarily blocked for a period of 7 days if a screenshot is taken due to any reason. If so, it should be informed immediately to 7899855300 and it will be reset only after 7 days.

1. Can I watch micro teaching lectures on laptop or desktop?

No. You can watch microteaching videos only on a app on phone or a tablet. If you want to watch the videos on a larger screen, we suggest you use a tablet or an iPad. Allowing the option to watch videos on a PC, Smart TV and the like will expose us to potential piracy risks. Many of the top teachers take classes for us and we value their privacy highly.

2. Can I watch the videos multiple times?

Yes, you can watch the same video any number of times.

3. Can the videos be watched offline?

You can download videos and watch them later. However, even after you download the videos, you will need a basic internet connection to watch them.

4. Videos not loading or loading very slowly

Check if your internet connection is working properly (test with a Youtube video). Next, try lowering the resolution of the video by tapping on Auto in the bottom right corner and selecting the lowest one. Ensure you have the latest version of the app. Go to the Play Store/App Store to see if there are any updates. If the video doesn't play even after taking all these measures, please write to us at cedeesonline@gmail.com.

1. How to subscribe to a particular package

To subscribe to a particular package, just select a particular course from store, add to cart and make payment. We support all payment methods including UPI, Credit/Debit cards, Net banking and NEFT. Payments are possible from android app and browser. For IOS users, you can pay from browser with same credentials (www.bdsnext.com) and it will be available in the app.

2. What is the validity of my subscription

The validity of every package is mentioned clearly in description. In general, irrespective of when you subscribe, all packages are available till the major annual exam (NEET MDS of that academic year)

3. What happens when I want to change device

Our app is device specific and browser specific. That means it has to be used from same device and same browser every time. Even if you logout of one device and try with another it won’t be allowed. To avoid misuse of accounts, we have a strict policy against device change. However, for genuine cases, contact 7899855300. A mandatory one-week notice should be given for device change. In the entire duration device change may be changed only TWICE. Please note that sharing an account is against our Terms and Conditions and will result in account blockage without warning.

4. We are a group of students who want to subscribe to BDS NExT. Will we get a discount?

Yes, you will be getting a special discount if you buy any of the plans as a group of more than 10 students. For more details on group purchase plans, please WhatsApp 7899855300 with your contact details.

5. Do you have 2 year of foundation courses

BDS NExT will be launching foundation courses soon.

6. Do you have any discounts?

Discounts are available as coupons. Some are auto-applied during purchase. You can see the available coupon code on the payment page.